Most body builders complain that they are not seeing enough gains as they would like. Why does this happen and what are you doing wrong? If you are frustrated about what is going on and why you cannot see the results that you want to see, read on to find out what you can do differently to make a difference in your results.

First Mistake – Sugar Intake

The common knowledge is that way too much sugar in your diet is a bit of a disaster not to mention the fact that it can actually give you a risk of getting diabetes as well. It can make you gain too much weight and tip the scales towards obesity too. Even if you are taking recovery peptides, your gains will not be as significant as it would be if you cut back on your sugar intake. If you are taking too many simple sugars your cells will become very unresponsive towards the anabolic hormone that is called insulin. So what is the fix? Identify the sugar hiding inside your diet and eliminate it. It can be in cereal, coffee, condiments, bread, yoghurts, smoothies and the likes.

Second Mistake – Working Out At a Lower Intensity

This is one thing that is really debatable. Many people argue constantly about the intensity of the working out processes that they follow. There needs to be enough stimuli for you to have significant gains. If you do not give your body enough micro trauma, why would it feel the need to grow back bigger and stronger? It needs to be a progressive process not something that you suddenly just impose upon your body. Once you start to give it little by little amounts of more weight you will see how the body responds positively to it.

Third Mistake – Not Taking the Right Supplements

Healthy whole foods can have a complete set of merits to them which will help you gain all those great results that you wanted to see. Therefore the right supplement intake is something that one cannot simply afford to overlook if they are to achieve their body building goals. In addition to taking in the right protein powders you will also need to eat a healthy and balanced diet that is rich in everything your body needs. Your instructor should be able to speak to you on what your daily nutrition needs to be like but if they are not qualified to give nutritional information, you can always consult a nutritionist who has the skills to help you out.

Fourth Mistake – Too Much Activity

Another way to phrase this would be to say not enough rest. The more we move around the more our bodies need to draw from the energy reserves that we can otherwise use to build our bodies. The most successful body builders out there will tell you that if you need to see great results, you must give your body enough rest and not skip out on any meals.

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