Are you a die-hard tennis lover looking for some info about your favourite game in Australia? Here is everything you need to know about Australian tennis.

What Are Basic Facts About Tennis In Australia?

For a century and bit more, Australian tennis has been managed by the popular entity Tennis Australia. The LTAA or the Tennis Australia has been administering everything to do with tennis in the continent of Australia since the year 1904.

What Are The Special Tennis Events In Australia?

If you are also a die-hard tennis fan, you might already know that Australia arranges the very first one of the few Grand Slams tournaments in tennis of the entire year, popularly known as the Australian Open. Attracting many prominent players, industry aficionados and hundreds of thousands of cheerful tennis fans from all over the word, the tournament is held annually during the last two weeks of January. Each year Australian Open Tickets  are sold among millions of fans who are scattered all over the world.

History of the Australian Open

The Australian Open was initially named Australasian Championships however later it was changed to Australasian Championships in the year of 1927. It became the Australian Open tournament in the year of 1969.

the tournament includes women’s singles, men’s singles, junior’s championship, mixed doubles argon with wheelchair legends and several exhibition loved by many.

What Is The Greatest Honour A Tennis Player Is Awarded With In Austria?

The Hall of Fame of Tennis in Australian is one the most prestigious honours that can be received by a tennis player in Australia. Founded in 1993, the Tennis Hall of Fame of Australia decides its winners on the famous Australia Day that takes place during the Australian Open tennis tournament. The players are rewarded with a bust made from bronze and they are unveiled at the Rod Laver Arena prior to when they are displayed right next to the other prominent personnel in the Hall of Fame found in the Garden Square found at the Melbourne Park where the Australian Open is held.

Currently, among the hall of famers are Ashely Cooper (1996), Owen Davidson (2011) and Beryl Collier (2017).

How Did Australia Acheive Its Knack For Tennis?

Australia was a winning nation in the field of tennis in the 1950’s. The Australian tennis players gained the Davis Cup exactly 15 times during the period during 1950 and 1967. And it was led by popular players in the history of Australian tennis the likes of Ken Rosewall, Roy Emerson, Ashely Cooper and Frank Sedgman.

The famous Australian tennis player Laver, Rod was said to have won the Grand Slam twice in men’s singles. And he is the single professional player to achieve this prestigious accolade. The female performer Smith Court, Margaret too won the Grand Slam in 1969 in women’s singles.  Also, she has the one time record for the largest number of Grand Slams gained in the women’s singles. She is also one of the three participants to have accomplished an outstanding career “boxed set” in Grand Slam.


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