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Aggressive inline skating is one of the extreme sports that is fun to do yet difficult to master. Unlike regular recreational skating, aggressive inline skating involves jumps and tricks just like skateboarding, making it an extreme and more thrilling sport.

If you’re already familiar with roller skating or ice skating, then aggressive inline skating would not be that difficult for you. If you’re planning to learn this sport, here are some of the first things you need to know before starting your inline skating journey.

Get a Pair of Skates

To learn this sport, you’ll need to have a pair of quality aggressive inline skates to begin with. This type of skates is a little pricey than regular skates so you should carefully consider which one is the best for you. Be sure that the boots provide great ankle support with good fit to lessen foot injuries during falls and slips.

When buying new skates, consider its purpose. Different skates are suited depending on the skating you prefer. Also, comfort is one of the important factors you should look into. Never sacrifice comfort over price or brand of skates.

Learn the Basics

Aggressive inline skating involves jumps, grinds, and other tricks. You should be ready to learn the tricks if you want to learn this sport. Once you have mastered balancing on skates, learning those tricks would be a lot easier but still requires time to master well.

For newbies, be sure to master all the basic stance and movements first before proceeding into learning advanced tricks. Aside from that, you should also know the reason why you want to learn aggressive inline skating in the first place. Some take it for recreation, fitness, cross-training, and other more reasons. That way, you can keep yourself motivated in practicing to achieve your goal.

Learning the Tricks

Once you know the basics on how to manoeuvre your skates, it is time to practice those cool tricks. Challenge yourself by doing something out of the usual routine like jumping over things, skating backwards, and many more. That way, you’ll get used to shifting your balance when you’re performing tricks. Visit a skatepark to practice and polish your skills.

It has everything you need to practice your skating skills such as ramps, pipes, ledges, and many more. You may feel uneasy at first especially when there are many people around, but once you get your mind into what you’re doing, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident practicing at a park.

Develop Strength and Stamina

Aggressive inline skating requires both strength and stamina so you can skate longer and perform tricks precisely. Aside from regular skate exercises, you should also perform off-skate exercise to develop these 2 qualities. Single leg deadlifts and sumo goblet squats are just some of the common exercises performed by aggressive inline skaters to develop their strength and stamina.

Follow those basic steps and you can surely have a great start in your skating journey.


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