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Everyone wants to make it to the big leagues. The reason for this is very simple, money. The most basic economic token in modern societies where everything can be bought with, if the value of your money is the same or more than the value of the item or service that you are trying to have, thus it makes money a very important factor in terms of making it big or successful in today’s society. 

Nobody wants to lack money; all people in the world would want to have that much money since it can actually solve most of man’s problem with his needs and wants. Everyone wants to be rich, but not everyone can be because not all of us are born in a rich family, or many of us lack the opportunity to make it happen. But amidst all the realities of life, some few actually make it to become very rich, even without a rich family or even the lack the right circumstances to be rich, yet here they are at the top of the food chain.

If you want to make it to the top and become rich, here are some of the careers that you might want to invest yourself into.


Being a scientist actually pays a lot. But the idea being is that you have to become fully proficient in whatever field in science that you committed yourself into. Scientists today are quite busy especially in the field of biology and medicine in looking for ways to combat sicknesses and viruses that has been plaguing the whole world. And they are paid for it. Many of them are under grant privileges that give them funds and resources to conduct research studies and experiments to prolong human life. Along with the huge pay check is also the prestige and status of being brilliantly intelligent.


Imagine doing what you love the most and being paid for doing it, which is what athletes are doing.  Athletes are very prominent people due to the fact that they are the best in the sports they belong in. But not everyone gets the opportunity to make it to the top since many consider careers in sport as something that is too far to be attained, but look at Michael Jordan and the likes of him. Maybe it also takes a gist and a sprinkle of faith to make it in this career path.

Software Developer

The rich millennial young entrepreneurs who are running the world today are actually very well-versed in the language of computer coding and most of them are actually very proficient computer engineers and computer experts. Surely, software developers are on the vanguard in the digital revolution that is happening all over the world, and they are paid generously by their companies, some are even the owners and boss of their own enterprise.

Above everything, one must strive to become successful in whatever field they are passionate about, maybe it is not about the money, but the legacy.


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